Local SEO is a relatively new concept in website optimization of google search engine.


Local SEO or Local SEO optimization is a process to improve the position of your website in Google’s local results or the results which are based on the geographical location of users.

This kind of optimization is very important and has became one of the favorite an popular way to search in google.

According to Google, more than some of the entries in the 2014 has been done by local search. however if you express your geographic location with keyword, it can turn this visits up to 50 percent.

Google recently paid special attention to local search, and providing logical, good and closest location results to their users.

Local seo will be more and more important in the future. If your business or site covers a certain area, local SEO should be noted in seo.

For example, a restaurant in city center, can use local seo to be found in search result easily.

How to be in seo slider with local seo

Local Seo process is very simple and worthy to do it. Here are the steps for preparing your site to appear in Google slider that described ->

• request google + and fill the form of it completely. • Upload High quality photos to your Google+ page. • Encourage your customers to share their comments in your Google+ page. • Grab the Convenient links from the sites that matches to your field. Your target should be making your own brand

You may not have a proper position in a phrase such as “ web design” , but you can target your local SEO with the phrase such as “professional web design” and you can see your progress in it after a short time.