SMO (Social Media Optimization )
As we know, social media sites is one of th most effective ways to optimize sites and of course is a basic part of SEO . almost the people that are website owners are trying to be as one of the top search engines results such as Google and Yahoo . due to the increasing spread of social networks in addition to SEO , we need to be aware of these social media to extend our business. as we know, social networking are most effective ways to optimize site through SEO .

What is SMO?

SMO is optimizing the social networking. Social Media Optimization( SMO) includes general techniques of sharing content in social networks. Totally social network optimization means optimizing a site and its content sharing in social networks and the target of it , as same as SEO, is increasing traffic of website.
According to the increasing importance of social networks, search engines also pay attention to these networks more than before such as Facebook and Twitter, and Google Plus .these social media can have a direct impact on a site’s rating in engine results pages . SERP and activity in social network , are completely relative . in other words ,the more seo focuses on the tech compose of website ,the more SMO focuses on content quality, reliability and user experience associated with the content writer and author. Obviously all of these features of SMO can have a significant impact on a site’s SEO.



The more a web site moves toward social activity like social network , social signals can better determine what things are important in Web performance, also activity of site ore blog in social networking may affects the scores of site in search engine.  thus sharing content in social media can have a positive impact.
In production and sharing strategy of content in social media these following should be noted :

  • What we need to observe in sharing post in social media that help our content to be reposted by user?
    When should we release our content?
    What are the Tips that must be observed to turn a viewer to visitor of site and impact on site rank?

According to tips mentioned above , we should carefully optimize social media because with rising use of the Internet and social networks during the time , the importance of this online marketing  increases.
Remember ! SEM is not wasteful content in social media!
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